Bold lipstick choice

April 25, 2016

Almost every day brings us new fashion trends that we are not able to cope with that. We want to try everything and everyone that the fashion industry offers us. So the world of makeup, most of us seem to the world of endless possibilities, where, with due diligence, you can find anything – from the red eye shadow to turquoise lipstick. The good news: it is. In spite of this, we often take a strong liking to one soul means and rarely go to the experiments – only the problem is that we sometimes do not realize what, where and what color to look.
However, with that comes the question of fear of the experiment. Fashionistas do not know how to apply the trend on its face correctly. Let’s try to figure it out. The last word in fashion, as we used to call it, bright colors particularly in lipstick. This passionate, it attracts attention, it is fascinating and knocked down. Besides, the bright color of lipstick a great alternative, and sometimes a separate segment, natural makeup. But what if the color is not just bright and eclectic? Blue, yellow, perhaps even black. Yes, and it is also nice and with such a lipstick can look irresistible, it is important to know how. But in general lipstick “blow up” colors – green, blue, purple – not such a rarity. We chose a few notable and most prominent – in case you want to dilute your usual set of colors. Dolce & Gabbana Sicilian Jewels The brand recently released a collection of lipstick color gemstones: ruby, topaz, amethyst and emerald. The first two – nothing special (well, gold, well, red), the latter – an unusual choice for the brand, which is not too fond of experimenting. All have turned translucent lipstick; You can wear them separately, and can be layered and mixed.

lipstick-for-dark-skin-bannerLime Crime
Lime Crime did not hesitate in choosing shades that whatsoever: white eyeliner, and there are mint, gray-purple lipstick and a purple. Founder of the brand Before Deer irritate means that the skin does not look as bright as in the package, so, for example, No She Didn’t fall on the lips tight sky-blue.
Lipstick Queen Hello Sailor
By the way does not hurt to mention the Hello Sailor, Lipstick Queen – beautiful young brand makeup artist Poppy King, who, like everyone else, could not find the right shade of lipstick and quality of existing and made her among the million. Hopefully, blue Hello Sailor gives only a faint tint lips: it seems that you ate bilberry.
Berry Touch Of Magic Lip Paint
Lipstick color green apple on the lips is pink, and the brightness of the color on the lips depends on the pH of the skin: the higher the alkali content, especially saturated shade will. This two-faced one lipstick in the brand, the rest – quite common colors and properties. As for how to wear the “explosive” color on your lips so that it looks decent, you should resort to make up the entire face.

The arrow of the same color to the lips, it is an obvious trick, but works perfectly. That it was not quite routinely, try to put a bright eyeliner on the lower eyelid; but you can spend it at the top or just paint the mucosa. Of course, then you need to choose a custom-resistant pencil, Kaya. Classic evening make-up, which distinguishes it from an ordinary lipstick. Gold is quite not capricious color. It looks nice on the skin of any shade, and others are not shocked if it matters to you Pink lipstick shade and combine some always, orange kit also sometimes shown as yellow unusual. In this make-up thing to choose bright, pastel colors: darker cheekbones give the face of pain, not a puppet. Also, try to bring a blush to the temple – to repeat the usual boundaries of natural blush in this case too to anything. With lips variants are possible: almost transparent yellow glitter MAC can be worn separately, but the bright color it can only give a basis to match. Another opportunity to “seal” eye makeup and lips – to bring the internal corners of the first color pomade. So regardless of the yellow, blue or green lips can be irresistible every moment, the main competent approach to business.

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