Techniques of Applying EyeShadow Makeup

April 14, 2016

Beauty is an essential part of women because it is a reflection of self-worth. Eyeshadows are a part of makeup products that almost all ladies use on a daily basis. In actual sense, it helps in enhancing the beauty of a person. However, that is only possible when done expertly well. You have to know your product well master the best way of applying and most significantly know when to use eyeshadow or not. Thus, this article differentiates the various types of eye shadows, their functions and the how they are applied. Also, you will learn the dos and don’ts in using eye shadows.

eyeshadow makeupTypes of Eyeshadows
Powder Eyeshadow
This type of eye shadow is convenient for many people because it is easily available and accessible in the market. The powdery nature makes it a perfect makeup for people with oily skin type because it is dry thus less sticky. You might have realized that the powdery eyeshadow gives you a humble time when you want to build on different shades of color. However, you will have to be alert and keen so as not to tamper with the makeup since it can easily spread to other parts of the face.

Cream Eyeshadow
This kind of eye shadow is wet and sticky in nature. The creamy nature makes it easy and fast to apply while its wet nature makes it last. It is also a convenient eyeshadow for those who enjoy blending different colors for a unique and elegant look.

Stick Eyeshadow
Few people use this type of eye shadow even though it is as effective as the others. It assumes the shape of a pencil or a crayon depending on the size that you want. Use it as a liner or eyeshadow or both based on your preference.

How to Effective use Eye Shadows
1.Know your brushes
If you opt for the powder eye shadow, ensure you pick the best product in the market. It might be expensive but worth the experience. Secondly, go for an eye shadow brush that feels comfortable in your arms. Do you like the slim and short brushes or the thick and short ones? Also, remember to learn the different functions of each brush for best results. Avoid using the same brush for different colors because it might compromise the quality of the makeup.

2.Define the shape of your eyes
Knowing the shape of your eyes will help you identify the perfect shading technique. For example, we have those with deep-set sockets whereby the eyeballs appear to be inside the skull. Such people can make use of warm shades of colors and illuminating stick eyeshadows so as to enhance their looks. Contrary we have women with protruding eyes. The eyeball appears to be set outside the skull, and therefore, they seem to have longer and projected eyelids. Such kind of ladies look great when they use thicker shades of eye shadows on the upper lashes. The upturned eye also known as the almond shape is characterized by an upper outer corner and a lower inner corner. People with such eyes should apply darker shades of eye shadows on the outer edge to level the shape of the eye. On the opposite, the downturned eyes have a lower outer corner and a higher inner corner. These type of eyes are perfect for applying a liquid liner on the top lid and spreading it slightly outside above the outer corner.

3.Know the function of your eyeshadows
Eyeshadows come in different shades that are meant for specific functions. Know which shade is meant for the crease, the lid, the upper and inner part of the eyelid. Always keep in mind that the lighter shades should be used to highlight the bottom of the eyebrow while the darkest shades should be for the outer corner of the eye. Also, the slightly lighter shade is great for the lids, while slightly darker shades should be for the crease.
If you have to apply eye shadow, you have no other option but to do it perfectly. Take time to perfect the process and to settle for a makeup product that gives you the results that you anticipate. For instance watching online makeup tutorials can help you achieve your results or you can opt for a makeup expert. You should also avoid errors such as combining over three shades of colors unless you are an expert because you may end up pulling a rainbow look